Monday, December 15, 2008

Say good bye to the "Peek a Boo" strap!

Okay you have on your sexiest black dress, hair, make up are all on point and you are ready to hit the city for a girls night out or step out for a romantic dinner and you take one last glimps in the mirror......there you see the tell-tale elastic peeking out for all eternity.

I first noticed these while watching E this weekend, when Beyonce was parading on the Red Carpet. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, I seen them and then I did'nt so of course I had to figure out exactly what the heck was going on.

Finally I came across Hollywood Clear Bra Straps. These are so amazing, they are performing veritable fashion magic, and it’s no illusion. Hollywood Clear Bra Straps are:

Stylish…under sheer fabrics
Discreet…with tanks, t-shirts, halters, strappy tops, swimsuits and
Sexy…with revealing necklines and swimsuits

Why sacrifice support, comfort and confidence for the sake of style!

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