Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Royal Cakes...Wow!

When you see wedding cakes like these--literally, tremendous works of art meant to be admired and enjoyed--you have to wonder what the rest of the wedding is like. I was certainly curious about it, so I checked it out. Of course I had my speculations .Were the cakes real? I decided that we're pretty certain that none, or only a small portion of the design is actual cake. Structurally it is nearly impossible to make these designs in cake and we think it is most likely styrofoam. Just the fondant alone would be heavy. I was certainly curious about it, so I checked it out.

Here's the scoop on Kuwaiti weddings!As you'd expect, Kuwaitis adhere strictly to the teachings of Islam, which has specific rules regarding marriage and its related customs. In the case of marriage, the bride and bridegroom will have been approved of, though not necessarily chosen, by both sets of parents. This tells me that most Kuwaitis are permitted to marry for love.

I looked on the internet and found an article about Chef Omar in the Al Watan Daily, where he quotes the cakes start at 600 Kuwaiti dinars (roughly $2000) to 3000 ($10,000) Kuwaiti dinars for a replica of Versailles. Those are decent numbers for sure. Check out the article here. His designs are being talked about around the world!

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