Friday, December 12, 2008

Finding the perfect Veil

There is an endless range of styles in bridal veils to choose from when selecting your wedding headpiece. It can at times be almost more difficult than selecting your gown. Where do you start? There are three essential things to do before choosing your bridal veil: First choose your gown (this establishes the formality and style of your wedding). Second remember your bridal veil is an accessory. This means that any bridal veil or headpiece you select should accentuate your dress not overpower it. Third decide on the hairstyle you will be wearing on your wedding day. Discuss this with your hairdresser and have a couple of trial runs before the wedding.

There are several different types of wedding veils available. The type is usually determined by length. For instance the elbow length veil does reach the elbows. It usually looks best with shorter dresses with no bustles or trains.

Fingertip length veils fall to the end of the bride’s fingertips. It goes best with a wedding dress l that is longer than tea length although you also see them with floor length dresses as well.

A blusher veil is a thin veil that only covers the face. It looks great with a wedding suit or a shorter dress although nowadays it is also seen worn with long goddess style gowns.

The classic chapel veil is three yards long. Long sleeved, full gowns that fall to the floor look best with this dramatic type of veil.
These are not hard fast rules for wedding veil wear but they tend to be the tried and true rules for looking your best.

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