Monday, June 15, 2009

POP Champagne

For sheer champagne fun, nothing beats individual Pommery POP champagne bottles, “which always wow guests—especially the rosé which is chic and romantic all at once,” says Logan Niles of New York’s Blue Nile Catering. One client of Niles’ “even had personalized gold-plated straws made by a local jeweler with the bride’s and groom’s initials so it was a combination ‘wow’ effect and wedding favor,” she recalls. “So many times it’s not just what guests are drinking but how the drinks are served.”

The blue is a standard dry champagne, with a nice fruit flavor. It's a tiny bit sweeter than your average dry champagne but is wonderfully smooth. The pink is a sparkling rosé that has a fresh, bright taste. The blend of different Chardonnays and Pinot wines, along with a dash of red wine, gives it a pale pink color and slight red currant flavor. Neither of them are run-out-and-purchase-immediately sort of champagnes, but they are quite tasty and not just a product of marketing. They're really fun, wonderfully transportable, and will bring a little pop to your next party.

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