Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finding your Sole mate

How awesome would it be to allow your Bridesmaids to show their individuality by treating them to a pair of customized shoes?

All fashionistas want to rock your own unique style of shoes then Morgan Miller has something just for you. You can create great sandals with your choice of sole, strap material, and even hardware! You can design your own stylistic shoe in just 30 minutes!

According to a recent article in the Sun-Sentinel, the store even hosts shoe parties for "customers who want to share the experience." What a great idea! Champagne, shoes, exclusivity... who's in for my next birthday? Customers get to walk away from these private events with bragging rights - and the best party favor of all, new shoes.

Purchase your shoes now at: http://www.morganmillershoes.com/ or visit her location in Miami, FL.

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