Thursday, January 1, 2009

What's in for 09!

In 2009, the number of couples getting married will remain steady overall at about 2.2 million. If the economy begins to recover, we may see a slight increase; however, if we see more economic turmoil the number of weddings will decline in 2009 as couples wait for the economy to recover. Spending will follow the same trend, except that overall spending will be down 10% over 2008, which is already seeing a decline of 20-30%. In 2009, we estimate the average wedding cost to be between $21,000 and $25,000.

2009 Trends

Most trends in 2009 will relate to saving money with the exception of a few. We expect other money saving trends to emerge.
  • Smaller weddings with fewer guests
  • Destination weddings or destination type weddings closer to home
  • Accent colors on dresses and cakes with the most popular being greens and blues
  • Increased reliance on family and friends to help plan, pay, and provide some of the services
  • Increased use of green and echo friendly products and services
  • Simplified decorations, centerpieces and wedding invitations
  • Increased use of online RSVP’s vs. traditional mail-in RSVPs
  • Off-peak weddings; Mornings, Afternoons, Fridays, Sundays, October becomes the new June
  • Buffet meals, Hors d’oeuvre, and cocktail receptions
  • Cheesecakes, cupcakes and miniature cakes
  • All-inclusive packages

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