Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pound Cake: The Ultimate Comfort Food!

My Nanny used to make the best pound cake in the whole world. It was so rich and creamy.She explained to me that it was called a poundcake because it used a pound of butter and a pound of sugar. This was what made it so rich. I still remember the aroma in the kitchen *deep breath* was sooooooo wonderfully buttery! I am a pound cake junkie! I love all kinds, Lemon, Chocolate, Coconut and my favorite Sour Cream..yum.

You can only imagine how excited I was to find these cute Pound Cake Petit Fours at Nonnie Waller's Traditional Southern. These cute Petit Fours are perfect for weddings, corporate events, promotions or fabulous parties. Nonnie's favors can be custom designed with scrumptious silk ribbons, the finest in patterned papers, jewels and seasonal fresh flowers only a few of the many dazzeling options to deck your dessert and make your event memorable.

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