Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Picture This!!

I’m sure you’re picturing an elegant, tasteful wedding. But after you’re pronounced husband and wife, maybe you want to let loose.

Yes, some creative photogs are shooting couples wearing their wedding duds in the desert, running through the streets of New York, swimming underwater—doing just about anything that Mom and Dad wouldn’t have dreamed of doing in their formal photos. (Some call these shots “trash the dress” photos, but I don’t like that term, well, because I adore wedding dresses—and they don’t necessarily get “trashed” during these photo shoots.)

Roberto Falck, who runs a boutique photography studio in Brooklyn and specializes in photographing couples underwater. Falck, who is a diver, started shooting underwater a couple of years ago while on location in the Caribbean.

Falck says wedding photography has taken a more “fashion-y” turn in recent years, veering away from the traditional and letting the couple star in their own magazine-style photo shoot.

Other popular locations for Falck to shoot besides underwater include the beach and the city.

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sony said...

Wow! I'm not that brave, lol.

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