Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tiffany iPhone App

The new Tiffany iPhone app is designed to aid future brides and grooms with their ring shopping. The app has gendered qualities which aim to help out both the clueless men and the ring-crazy women. For the men, the Tiffany iPhone app will show rings in their actual size, so they’re more likely to compare the on-screen rings with their partners.
The app boasts 44 engagement rings to scroll through, most likely while drooling heavily. From the Classic Solitaire to the blinged-out Legacy Collection, this app helps you hand-pick your ideal bling, from carat size to setting. You can even look through a mélange of matching wedding bands (for her only), if you want to kill two birds and see what the whole shebang will look like once the knot is tied.

The “ring sizer” aims to simplify ring sizing by stealing one of her rings, placing it on the screen and waiting for the correct ring size to pop up! For the woman, the Tiffany iPhone app makes designing the perfect ring simple, all through the iPhone app.

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