Thursday, March 4, 2010


Are you looking for the perfect gift for your Bridesmaids and Flower Girls? Purchase SatinSakks, a gift that will last forever. My dear friend Candace Laury designed this product after years of trying to find the perfect wrap to keep her braids looking just as great at 8 weeks as they did at week one.

SatinSakks is an comfortable, attractive hair wrap that is made of the same satin as smooth satin sheets or luxurious satin pajamas. This luxury wrap allows your hair to move freely and reduce hair breakage. Perfect for Locks, Braids, Natural and Relaxed hair. SatinSakks is also available for men and children . They are available in a variety of colors. I know I spend hours braiding my girls hair (who happen to appear on her website), and slip the SatinSakks on before bed and it last for weeks. I was so excited after wearing my SatinSakks the first morning to awake and still had the SatinSakks snug as a rug on my head and not under my pillow case.

Everyone loves to be pampared, so why not pamper your hair?

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