Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bacon Explosion

Is it me or is there bacon everywhere? Bacon is apparently a growing trend. I have seen everything from Bacon Martinis to Bacon Ice Cream. Now those are a little over the top for me, however I am willing to try these tasty Maple and Bacon cookies.

The smoky profile of bacon against the sweetness of maple seems delicious, and not in an off-putting, ironic sort of way. (If you like your pancakes stacked with bacon and smothered in maple syrup, the pairing is a no-brainer.)

I recommend 410 Degrees to any bride looking for delectable welcome basket fillers or wedding favors. Additionally, it would be a surprising and scrumptious addition to a dessert table or for a brunch-time reception (if you want, company owner Adam Koven will work with you on customizing the packaging). For those still wary of meat in their sweets, 410 Degrees also offers a line of signature cookies that ranges from the conventional (maple-oatmeal and PB Overload) to the more daring (lemon-basil and cinnamon roll), and additionally offers the option to create your own Frankencookie. (Coconut cookie dough with dried pineapple chunks and Caramelo candy bits is on my wish list of combinations to try—might be that tropical honeymoon I'm dreaming about right now). All available online for $24 per dozen, plus shipping and handling.

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