Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ditch the Cake in Favor of Pie

For centuries, it has been a tradition to have at least one cake at a wedding, and for those die-hard traditionalists, no wedding without a groom’s cake will do. Many couples don’t care for cake at all, but get them to appease guests, to have in the wedding photos, or just for the sake of having a cake. For those who prefer not to have a cake at their wedding, you now have many alternatives, including the wedding pie.

Wedding pies are a fabulous option because they are versatile and inexpensive. You can have a wedding pie display that would envy any tiered wedding cake, and the flavor, texture, and style choices are endless. There is a pie for everyone and every style: vegan pies, fruit filled, cream, meringue, crumb, silk, chocolate, and so many more.

You can have several cream-topped pies that are decorated with rosettes, flowers that coordinate with your wedding colors, fancy piped swirls or your initials, and you can even top one of your pies with a bride and groom statue. Pieces of pie crust can be made into special shapes or initials as well. You can also have meringue and cream pies topped with pieces of gold leaf or gold dust for a glamorous touch. Weddings should be about personalization and celebrating the new couple’s life together, so don’t be stuck serving cake when you’d rather have pie!

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