Monday, October 26, 2009

Unity Cross

The Unity Cross is a multi-piece sculpture that the bride and the groom assemble during the ceremony service. The Unity Cross is hand crafted of Wood and Stone Resin; it stands 14 inches tall and comes with a brushed Brass plate for engraving. There is also a hidden drawer in the base with a scroll of scriptures for your wedding. Once the ceremony is over with they take it home and display the unity cross in their home and show the covenant they made.

The first piece of the cross is what resembles the man. It’s the outer cross, it’s open in the middle, it’s bold, and it’s strong. The cross that resembles the bride is very intricately made, and it’s very feminine looking.

During the wedding service, whenever the pastor or person officiating the wedding starts talking about how God created man bold and strong, the groom will pick up his piece of the cross, and then he talks about how God created woman. They pick up her piece of the cross, and she inserts her piece into the middle of the man’s cross, which completes the sculpture. And then two become one. Then it’s locked together with three brass pegs and once those pegs are inserted, the pastor will say, “What God has put together let no man take apart.” And that really completes the service!

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