Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unique Wedding Venues

Couples are becoming more and more creative when it comes to incorporating their hobbies and personal interests into their wedding ceremony. Traditional weddings are becoming a thing of the past, and if you are looking for a unique place to say “I do”, here are five inspiring ideas for your outdoor wedding ceremony:

In a Garden – I can’t think of a more elegant, eco-friendly, and affordable location to host your outdoor wedding! You may even have a backyard garden that— with a little pruning— could be a beautiful backdrop for your special ceremony. Make it even more unique by adding an arbor, gazebo, or canopy—and utilize archways, flowerbeds, and green space to enhance your wedding setting!

In a Tree House – If you are looking to take the cake with the most memorable location for your wedding ceremony, have you considered a tree house? Yes, I am serious!
For all you tree huggers out there, take a look at this amazing little tree-house located in Washington, designed by Seattle-based tree-house building specialist, Pete Nelson.

On a Bridge – Whether above or below, a covered bridge is a beautiful spot to host your wedding ceremony. If you are in an area threatened by inclement weather, arrange to have your ceremony below the arch which would create a stunning setting for your wedding photos.

At the ZOO – Are you an animal lover who wants to offer your guests an exceptionally memorable experience? Consider having your ceremony at your local zoo!
As an added bonus, you will increase your guest list instantaneously at no additional cost! Lions, tigers, and bears…Oh my!

On a Cliff – Imagine looking off into the distance at an endless ocean with a magnificent skyline, while listening to the sound of waves crashing onto the coastal cliff. Cliffside weddings are becoming more popular for destination brides, especially for the breathtaking views and virtually no d├ęcor necessary!

Now if you are ultra-adventurous, you can always opt to get married 30 feet under water off the coast of Hawaii, or while sky diving in Atlanta from 14,000 feet in the air, or consider taking the plunge by exchanging “I Do’s” while bungee jumping from a sky-high tower in Las Vegas!

Talk about taking a leap of faith into your new life together…!

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mackyton said...

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