Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Child Play!

Most likely, you'll have kids attending the reception. With a few special touches, you could make them the happiest age group around. Below are a few ideas to cater to the younger crowd.

Be sure to hire a babysitter for the table to ensure they don't join you during the father/daughter dance or throw spaghetti at Aunt Mable.
  • Check if your reception hall has booster seats, high chairs and diaper-changing stations. If they don't, contact the parents to make sure they bring all necessary supplies.

  • If you choose to have a kid's table, cover it with a paper tablecloth so they can draw on it.

  • For a centerpiece, provide a bucket of crayons, several cartons of play-dough or travel games.

  • Check to see if your reception or catering company offers kid's meals at a reduced cost.

  • Before the traditional bouquet toss and garter throw for adults, have a candy toss for kids. This way, the kid's can participate but you won't be caught in the awkward situation of having a garter-toting, 6-year-old boy traveling up the leg of a 30-year-old.

  • Maybe the chicken dance makes you cringe, but kids love it!

  • For favors, send them home with candy or a small toy. Just make sure it isn't anything they'll choke on.

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