Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Foward!!!

With the warm weather we have been experincing in the Carolinas, and with daylight savings time in effect, I can not help but to get excited about my favorite time of the year...Spring!

Spring weddings brightly shine with spring blossoms. The season represents rebirth and new growth, so your flowers should equally reflect this blossoming time. By selecting flowers that are in season, not only are you saving money, but it is also the greener choice to support local and seasonal agriculture, and in the end, you often have a much bigger selection to choose from (that isn’t so cost prohibitive). So what should you be shopping for? Take a look at some fabulous flowers for your wedding:

One spring favorite is the tulip, which comes in over 400 varieties and colors in spring (but sorry, no blue). Sweet peas are also a great option and are plentiful, a great bargain for the budget bride, and their light and sweet scent makes for a mild wedding perfume. Another option is lily of the valley, which is great for an accent or even possibly as a part of a larger arrangement or bouquet (beware as they are delicate flowers). These small flowers have a distinctive fragrance that many love, and can also be used in boutonnières. Or consider daisies and bright yellow daffodils, which are quintessential spring and can be a sweet touch in a flower girls hair or on table arrangements.
Multi-colored calla lilies are amazing in this season and are a popular choice - so make the most of them when the price is right.

Peonies are plentiful this time of year. A classic flower, they have a vintage flair and looks amazing as a center focus of wedding design or as an accent flower. They can be in bud or fully open or a mixture of both.

Spring is a great time to use the local bounty that nature has provided to help celebrate your day and represents the new growth that you and your fiancé are about to embark on. Pay homage to that tradition in the flowers you carry on your very special day!

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